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Tree Removal

We live and work in the Upper Valley in Enfield, New Hampshire.

We love the Upper Valley because of its look and feel. This special look is based on the wonderful trees and landscapes of the area—both on a macro level and on the level of individual homes and properties. It all blends together into a wonderful look.

In some cases, tree removal becomes necessary. We are here to help.

Fox Tree and Landscaping wants to help you create the look and feel for your special property—your home. You may have a dead or diseased tree that needs removing, or you may want to remove a tree or a group of trees for aesthetic or view enhancement reasons. Whatever your motivation, we can help you plan your vision and help implement it.

The Why of Tree Removal 

Pest Magnet

Dead trees can attract pests. Your tree may be dead or is in the process of dying, but that doesn’t mean wildlife won’t build a nest there. A dead tree can attract mice, rats, or insects (including termites). You do not want these types of pests to migrate to your home.

Removing a dead tree before it can create other problems is best.


Dead or damaged trees are unattractive.

They do not enhance the look of your landscaping. If you invest money in other aspects of your landscaping, a dead or damaged tree will counteract those upgrades.

Reduce Impact On Surrounding Health Trees

Tree diseases are contagious.

If your tree dies or is currently dying from a disease, other trees or plants may contract that disease. You do not want the flowers you planted near the diseased tree or other trees in the general area to contract the disease. Keep your trees and plants healthy.

Damage Prevention

Tree branches may fall, or the tree itself may fall. Dead trees begin to decompose. If you don’t remove the dead or weakened tree, weakened branches or the entire tree may fall on a windy day or during a storm. Dead branches may fall anytime, damaging your home or property.

Reduce Liability

A dead or damaged tree can also be a liability if it falls on your neighbor’s property. Don’t forget that animals and people may walk underneath the tree, and you need to protect them.

If you notice a tree might be dying, call Fox Tree and Landscaping Services. We can help you appraise the situation and then work with you to develop a plan of action. Also, remember that the sooner you catch the problem, the less costly tree removal can be, and you may be able to save your wonderful tree.

If your tree is big, rest assured we can remove it safely. We may have to take the tree down in stages and may need to use our crane. Fox Tree and Landscaping will do the tree removal job properly.