Reasons To Remove A Tree Stump

If you go through the trouble of having a tree removed, it often makes sense also to remove the stump. We can grind a single stump or an entire field of stumps. We have high-performance stump grinding equipment and can access almost any site. If you have stumps and want to remove them, call Fox Tree & Landscape Services.

Here are a few reasons why removing the stump after a tree has been removed is important.

Stumps are not attractive. If you’re particular about your yard and landscaping, removing the stump is well worth it, as it will make your yard much more attractive.

Stumps can be unsafe. Stumps can be hazardous to children. When running and playing in your yard, they may not see a stump and trip over it. If a neighbor trips, it’s a liability that could have been avoided. Moreover, tree stumps can damage your lawn mower if you accidentally hit one.

Stumps may cause new tree growth. Leaving the stump behind sometimes contributes to new sprouts, resulting in many small trees growing around the stump. This is certainly unattractive to your landscaping. Removing many new shoots permanently may be more costly than removing the stump. You may even need chemicals to kill them off the new shoots. New shoots can also leach the surrounding soil, making it less nutritious for other plants and shrubs.

Stumps can be difficult to work around. Tree stumps become a nuisance as they are extra obstacles you must watch for and maneuver around when weeding or mowing your lawn.

Stumps can attract insects. When you leave stumps in your lawn, the decaying tree takes a long time to rot away completely. While decaying, the stump attracts beetles, termites, ants, and other wood-boring pests. You may not mind them in your yard, but they can and often spread to your home. If you have a stump near your home, consider having the stump removed.

Stumps take up precious yard space. Especially if you don’t have a very large yard, the space you lose from the stump and roots may occupy a lot of space. It is always a nice thought to consider what else could be in the place of that unsightly stump—perhaps a flower shrub or a picnic table!