Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing structural systems should only be installed after a thorough inspection and evaluation of the tree structure by one of our certified arborists.

We are located in Enfield, New Hampshire, and are centrally located in the Upper Valley. Our approach will use materials and techniques that comply with published industry standards and best practices.

A tree may benefit from artificial support. Professional standards define the methods we use. These methods are intended to help keep trees from breaking, but the intention and standards are not guaranteed.

Here are the four structural support systems that we offer:

Tree Cabling

Tree Cabling is a process that involves supporting parts of the tree that have a higher potential to fail than normal, with other parts of the tree that are strong. A cable attaches two or more branches to improve the overall strength of the area of concern. Often, trees with co-dominant leaders need cables to help support them.

Tree Bracing

A brace and cables may be needed when a crack appears in the tree. A brace strengthens a cracked area and limits the crack’s ability to spread further in the tree. In both situations, pruning to reduce weight in the areas of the tree of concern is usually recommended.

Guy Wires

Guy wires support a tree that is leaning or has fallen over. They can be attached to the ground using earth anchors or to another solid object (like a tree) deemed suitable to support the fallen or leaning tree. A common use of this is an evergreen that blows over in a storm. We can often stand the trees back up and support them with guy wires.

Ground Support

With props, large, low lateral tree limbs can be supported from the ground. These are constructed according to the uniqueness of each tree, the site it is growing in, and the aesthetic parameters of the tree owner. Propping a tree is not done very often due to expense, but certain trees in certain locations are well worth it.

To learn more about how we can help with Tree Cabling and Bracing, call us at 643-632-7468. We will be happy to review and discuss your specific tree situation.